Christian Science on Healing & Other Mattersl




1a Stated

1b Physical matter does not exist – it is all in our minds

2b The goal is to free man ultimately from sin, disease, and death by right thinking

2a Addressed: the error of this teaching is clear from

1b Common Sense: Why do they eat, buy material things such as clothes, and suffer physically? (tea coat scandal)

2b Biblical Teaching

1c God created matter (Gen. 1:1)

2c God declares there is a physical body (1 Cor. 15:39-44)

3c Sin is not of the physical realm but rather of the heart or immaterial part of man (Matt. 15:17-20)

4c God left no question about the Physical resurrection of Christ or Lazarus


1a The Essence of God

1b God is an impersonal force: He is a principle, life, intelligence, spirit, substance, and mother god

2b The Trinity of God: consists of life, truth, and love.

2a The Son of God

1b His Deity: Jesus was not God but only possessed God’s essence

2b His Conception: Mary did not conceive a child through God but conceived an idea about God, which she named Jesus.

3b His Death

1c The shedding of Christ’s blood did not atone for sins, nor could blood ever be able to pay for sins for sin is only an illusion

1d “The material blood of Jesus was no more efficacious to cleanse from sin when it was shed upon the accursed tree than when it was flowing in his veins” (Science and Health, pg. 330)

2d Christ’s crucifixion was efficacious only in the sense that it demonstrates true affection and goodness or in other words, “God” – Christ thus died for “the terrible unreality of a supposed existence apart form God”.

2c Jesus did not really die on the cross for death is only an illusion as well

4b His Resurrection (see 1 Cor. 15:16-22): The resurrection of Christ was a spiritual one, not a physical

“Jesus students…did not perform any wonderful works until they saw him after the crucifixion and learned he had not truly died.” (S & H pg. 350-351)

“This meant that Jesus would have an opportunity to demonstrate incontrovertibly to a significant number of witnesses that the healing power of God is not limited to the cure of disease and the destruction of sin, but also includes resurrection from the dead.

This healing may also have accomplished something else. It may have shown to his students that Jesus himself was, by degrees, progressing in his ability to overcome death.

And that would mean that they, and any followers to come, could also learn how to master any form of bodily ailment. That Jesus’ ability to heal even the most serious condition—death—was not a divinely bestowed gift, but a skill that anyone can develop.

This skill would be put to its ultimate test in Jesus’ own resurrection, which proved conclusively that nothing is beyond the scope of God’s saving power.

It’s easy to see that Jesus’ experiences with raising people from the dead became progressively more impressive. The circumstances of his first two cases were significantly less daunting than those surrounding his experience with Lazarus. In both instances—first the healing of the son of a widow, and later the healing of a religious official’s daughter—Jesus raised the individual within hours of death.” ( website under topic of “funeral”)


1a Stated

1b Since matter is an illusion then illness must also be an illusion

1c You are sick or injured only because you think that you are

2c If you do not think yourself to be sick you will not be sick – God gives us the power to overcome this illusion

2b However, if all things are spiritual and man is perfect than why do these things exist in the first place?

1c The problem lies in our mortal minds – they are the problem

1d The mind is full of error because it is in opposition to the divine mind

2d If we can do away with the mortal mind, we than merge with the divine mind

2c The mortal mind exists because of “animal magnetism” – the devil of Christian Science and the source of error and hostility

1d This gave Mary Eddy the legitimate excuse for false teeth, eyeglasses, and the occasional use of morphine for pain

2d So real did the Animal Magnetism become to her, that in her later years she frequently moved in order to keep it from closing in on her

2a Supported: through claims of healings of all illnesses

1b Eddy challenged the world to discredit her abilities

“I challenge the world to disprove what I hereby declare. After my discovery of Christian Science I healed consumption in the last stages that the MD’s by verdict of a stethoscope and the schools declared incurable, the lungs being mostly consumed. I healed malignant tubercular diphtheria and carious bones that could be dented by the finger, saving them when the surgeon’s instruments were lying on the table ready for their amputation. I have healed at one visit a cancer that had so eaten the flesh on the neck as to expose the jugular vein so that it stood out like a cord.” (New York Sun, December 19, 1898)

2b There were some witnesses to healing but the vast majority were not

1c Psychosomatic illness could be expected to respond to this treatment

2c Physical illnesses have never responded to their treatment

1d Eddy never gave “particulars, names of patients, localities, dates, or witnesses” (Martin, pg. 140)

2d When challenged to reproduce such healings in the presence of qualified physicians she refused

“to begin with, it should be realized in the process of investigating Mrs. Eddy’s healing claims that she refused outright to treat identical cases of disease she claimed to have cured. Even when a prominent Cincinnati physician offered her every such opportunity. Mrs. Eddy remained strangely silent; indeed, she never mentioned the issue again. This hardly the attitude one would expect from the alleged “successor to Jesus Christ.”…..During her long life Mrs. Eddy allowed her own little granddaughter, her beloved brother Samuel’s wife, and her close friend, Joseph Armstrong, all to die painful death of cancer, pneumonia, and pleurisy, and never, to any known evidence of the contrary, did she ever lift her healing” hand to save them. Instead, she recommended “absent treatment” in all three cases which consisted of reading her book, Science and Health, and concentrating upon mentally repulsing the organic deterioration. Mrs. Eddy could have at least paid a call on them and if her claims were true healed them: at one visit; but she did not because she could not, and no one knew it better than Mary Baker Eddy.” (Martin, pg. 141)

3d Mrs. Eddy herself relied on medication and went to doctors to treat spasmodic attacks of hysteria and in later life allowed Christian Science practitioners to use anesthesia, surgery, and orthopedics for breaks and fractures

4d Money seemed to be a dominant factor in her healings

“Christian Science demonstrates that the patient who pays whatever he is able to pay for healing is more apt to recover than he who withholds the slightest equivalent for health.” (The Faith, Falsity and Failures of Christian Science, page 267)

3a Evaluated: the consequences of this teaching

1b Teaches an unbiblical approach to understanding of tragedy in life

2b Teaches damaging doctrine

1c Leads people to hell

2c Physically destructive – people are to avoid healign

3b Spiritually Destructive: people question God’s promises or their own faith or abilities