Free Masonary





1a Size: Was up to 4.4 million 20 years ago, presently there are 2.1 Million Masons in the United states and Lodges in every stated

2a Membership

1b Men and women, many whom have been great leaders and well know individuals of this nations such as Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Madison, T. Roosevelt, F. Roosevelt, Truman

2b Racist (at least in past) – Blacks, Indians, Islanders were to have separate lodges

3a Symbolism: the idea behind “Masonry”

1b The concept or idea of Masonry comes from a story of the building of the Temple of Solomon

1c The account of scripture is mixed with additional fictional material to paint a story upon which the symbols, degrees, oaths, etc. can be found

2c Other portions of Scripture are commonly used and a part of the Mason beliefs and practice

3c Therefore, in basic or “Blue Lodge Masonry” there are three levels or degrees common to all lodges and the work of masonry

1d Apprentice

2d Fellow Craftsman

3d Master Mason

2b Though Blue Lodge Masonry is basic to all of Masonry there are many orders that have branched from it: some of which are the following

1c Scottish Rite: mainly Jewish – 33 degrees

2c York Rite: knights tempers with 11 degrees and gains much symbolism from the crusades of the Middle ages

3c Eastern Star: women, each point of star represents a woman of character in the Bible

4c Nobles of the Mystic Shrine: Shriners

5c Ancient Arabic Order

6c The Ancient Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm

7c The Tall Cedars of Lebanon


1a Teaching on God

1b Taught

1c Monotheistic: view of God

“Masonry recognizes and worships God as the great architect of the Universe, the Creator and Benefactor of man, and the source of all good.”

2c Universal view of God: They recognize any God you prefer to worship and thus open their membership up to all main line religions: Christian, Islamic, Judaism, Hindu, and Buddhist

1d Stoner quotes W.L. Wilmshurst in Masonic initiation, “Life in the realm of spirit is a unity, and for Masonic seekers the whole world over, there is but one Grand Master, but he can manifest and deputize through many channels. To the Jewish brother our science says take the Father of the Faithful. To the Christian brother it points to him upon whose breast lay the beloved disciple. To the Hindu brother it points to Krishna. To the Buddhist it points the Maitraya of universal compassion; and to the Mausoleum it points to the prophet.”

2d Encyclopedia of freemasonry, “The religion of Masonry is not sectarian. It admits men of every creed within its hospitable bosom, rejection none for his peculiar faith…if Masonry were simply a Christian institution the Brahmin, the Moslem, and the Buddhist would not conscientiously partake of its illumination but it universality in its boast.”

2b Practiced

1c Jesus Christ

1d In order not to offend the Jewish brother, the name of Jesus Christ is deleted from the Scriptural passages read

2d Wendell P. Loveless writes, “In the charge to be read at the opening of one of the degrees, the following Scripture passage is given, “If so be ye have tasted that the Lord is gracious to whom coming as unto a living stone, disallowed of men, but chosen of God and precious ye also as living stones be ye built upon a spiritual house, an holy priesthood to offer up sacrifice acceptable to God, wherefore it is also contained in the scriptures, etc.”” (1 Peter 5:2-3)

2c Salvation

1d All good masons will arrive in heaven: through the work of virtuous living and good works

2d Masonic burial service, “and in thy favor may we be received into thine everlasting kingdom to enjoy in union with the souls of our departed friends, the just rewards of pious and virtuous life, amen.”

2a Oaths

1b Stated

1c The oaths of the Masons are violent and bloodthirsty

2c Each level that a Mason attains to has an additional oath

1d Degree One: “Binding myself under no less a penalty than that of having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by its roots, and buried in the rough sands of the sea at low-water mark, where the tied ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, should I…”

2d Degree Two: “Binding myself under no less a penalty than that of having my left breast torn open, my heart plucked out, and given as a present to the wild beasts of the field and the fowls of the air.”

3d Degree Three: “Binding myself under no less a penalty than that of having my body severed in twain, my bowels taken form thence and burned to ashes, the ashes scattered to he four winds of heaven so that no more trace remembrance may be had of so vile and perjured a wretch as I should….”

2b Reviewed

1c #1: Such oaths contradict the teaching of Scripture

1d The godly person does not need to swear (Matt 5:33-37; Js. 5:12)

2d When an oath must be made, it should not be to anything in creation but unto God Himself (Heb 6:16)

3d Talk, which is sinfully foolish and boastful in nature, should be avoided (Eph 4:29; 5:4; 1 Jn. 2:16)

2c #2: Such oaths call Masons to unbiblical behavior:

1d Their oaths are more binding than their marriage oaths

2d They will protect the wrongdoing of a fellow mason even if it is a serious crime

A mason “is sworn to aid and assist a companion Royal Arch Mason when engaged in any difficulty; and espouse his cause so far as to extricate him from the same, if in my power, whether he be right or wrong” (except in the areas of treason or murder)

III THE IDENTITY OF FREE MASONRY: What is Freemasonry – religion or organization

1a Stated: Some argue it is just a social club that openly accepts all men and women regardless of religion – therefore it is okay for a believer to join and participate

2a Review: a closer view shows just the opposite

1b #1: There are religious requirements

1c Monotheistic

2c Brotherhood and unity

3c Inspiration of Scripture (which ever you follow)

4c Resurrection, immortality of spirits, and eternal life

5c Promotion of good works and moral

2b #2: There are religious teachings: which must be followed to advance as a mason and to enter into heaven

“Freemasonry has been well defined as, “A peculiar system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.” By the practice of freemasonry its members may advance their spirituality, and mount by the theological ladder from the Lodge on earth to the lodge in heaven. Freemasonry is not however, a system or religion; it is the handmaiden to religion, enforcing its daily practice.” (Questions and answers, Definition of Masonry, pg. 26)