Mormon Salvation





I THE FALL OF MAN – it was beneficial thing for man

1a Adam and Eve were the first combination of physical forms and pre-existent spirits

2a It was a part of God’s (Jesus’) redemptive plan for Adam and Eve to sin

1b God made man and woman with mortal bodies (from Adam-God and his wife Eve) capable of reproducing bodies for all the pre-existent spirits

1c #1: The body of Eve came from Adam not from Adam-God (Gen. 2:21-25; 1 Cor. 11:8)

2c #2: Adam and Eve conceived a complete human being

1d They were to reproduce their own kind – body and spirit

2d The image of God was received through Adam

Luke 3:38, “the son of Enosh, the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God.”

3d The sin nature is passed on from generation to generation (1 Cor. 15:21-2; Rom. 5:12)

2b God gave them the opportunity to free themselves from their mortal bodies so that they might evolve upwards through the resurrection

1c When Adam and Eve sinned, they did not pass on spiritual death and the curse of sin but only the guilt of sin, death

Jer 17:9, “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” (NIV)

Rom 8:13, “For if you live according to the sinful nature, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live,” (NIV)

2c It is through death that man is freed from the mortal to be prepared for the future

3a Therefore, sin and death are the friend of mankind – not an enemy

1b Death was the consequences of sin not guilt (1 Cor. 15:54-57)

2b Death in the Scriptures is always an enemy to be conquered (1 Cor. 15:26)


1a The Definition of Salvation

1b To the Christian salvation is removal of sin and its penalty

2b To the Mormon, salvation is not freedom from sin, but the opportunity to progress toward god-hood

1c Sin is not the barrier that keeps man out of heaven

2c Sin only holds a man back as to how far he can progress

2a The Process of Salvation: three stages

1b First Estate: Pre-existent Stage

1c Before God created the world, the pre-existent spirits had to prove themselves worthy to God the Father to obtain a body and the right kind of body

2c One’s worthiness was measured in degrees

1d Those found most worthy received white bodies; those most worthy of this group received positions of leadership, particularly in the church

2d Those found less worthy, but possible for a body, received dark or black bodies

3d Those found not worthy at all were cast down with Satan and can never posses a body

2b Second Estate: Mortal Bodies

1c As in the pre-existent state, if the individual desires to progress he must be counted worth in this life

2c There are several things important that the individual must do if he is to count himself worthy

1d Faith in Christ: the Christ who is a fellow creation and who died to make it possible to progress – who came as man and died to remove guilt so man might progress further

2d Repentance: true sorrow for one’s sins

3d Baptism:

1e Immersion: for oneself and other who never had an opportunity to hear the gospel – Genealogy so important – Hitler baptized in Sept. 4, 1993

2e Laying on of hands which gives one the Holy Spirit

4d Good Works

1e Commandments of the Church

2e Commandments of the OT – Ten

3e Commandments of tithing

5d Marriage and Children

1e For a man to progress he must be married and have children (Christ married Mary and Martha)

2e For a woman to enjoy the celestial glory she must be married or part of the celestial marriage

3e Couples who are childless will be given a second chance during the Millennium

4e To fail in this area is to be doomed to being nothing more than an angel (children who die?)

3b Third Estate: Heaven and Hell

1c Based on a man’s works in the second estate determines his estate in the third state

2c The Mormons believe in three heavens (2 Cor. 12:2-4)

1d 1st Heaven (Sun): the Celestial Heaven

1e Abode of all good Mormons

2e Those of them that are particularly worthy are rewarded by being made gods

2d 2nd Heaven (Moon): Terrestrial Heaven

1e Those who were mislead in religions

2e Those who died who never heard about salvation

3d 3rd Heaven (Stars): Telestial Heaven

1e Those who came under the teaching of the Mormons and rejected it

2e They spend a time in hell until 2nd resurrection 

3c The Mormon’s hell: reserved for those who loose the first estate, and those lost on the earth


1a Holy Underwear

1b Those who have been accepted into temple are given special underwear that they are to wear always

2b They believe this underwear is associated with the special priestly garments in the OT and will protect them from Satan and physical harm

2a Temple Rituals – washing by others under a special garment

A typical temple ceremony would take place as follows: "The ritual began in a small cubicle where we had to strip completely. We then put on 'the shield,' a poncho with a hole for the head, but open on the sides (similar to a hospital gown). We went through a series of 'washings and anointings,' as various parts of our bodies were touched by elderly temple workers who mumbled appropriate incantations over them. Our Mormon underwear, 'the garments,' are said to have powers to protect us from 'the evil one.' It had occult markings, which were so 'sacred' that we were instructed to burn them when the garments wore out. The endowment ceremony mocked all doctrines held to by Biblical Christianity, and Christian pastors were portrayed as servants of Satan. We had to swear many blood oaths, promising we would forfeit our lives if we weren't faithful, or if we revealed any of the secrets revealed to us in the temple ceremonies. We were made to pretend by grotesque gestures to cut our throats, chests, and abdomens, indicating how we would lose our lives. We were never told who would kill us! The inference was, and history testifies to, that it would be the Mormon priesthood” (Testimony of a former Mormon.) [Note: The blood oaths and portrayal of Christian pastors were removed in April of 1990, despite the fact that the ordinance was purported to have been given originally by a revelation and was never to be changed.] 

First I went into the locker room and was asked to take off all my clothes and put a big white sheet over my head. It was open on the sides, and I was cold, and very self-conscious. I thought, geez, what is this... Then they took me into a little booth thing and sat me on a stool. The old lady whispered the blessing in my ear. I was dizzy from nervousness, and was really surprised when she forgave my sins and said I was "clean every whit." Wow, I had no idea that happened again after baptism. And I didn't know women could forgive sins... it was mind boggling. I didn't like it when she ran her hands over my body with oil and water. It felt strange and immodest to me. But I accepted it as God's will. Soon she had my garments in her hands. She held open the bottoms for me to step into. It was so weird, having an old women hold my underwear and pull them up for me. I felt... stupid. Childish. Ridiculous. I don't even remember how she got the tops on me.