Dinosaurs In The Bible



Are Dinosaurs in the Bible? 


1a. Popular Question: When did the Dinosaurs live?

1b. The Bible seems silent on this matter

2b. They seem to pre-date the existence of man – little is known than the fossil record and record of the bones and remains

2a. Among Christians two basic proposals:

1b. Gap in Time

2b. Original Creation


1a. Stated

1b. Held by many leading men in the past (Schofield and his original study Bible)

2b. It see the solution in a gap of time between Gen. 1:1 and 1:2

1c. Gen. 1:1 speaks of the original creation of the heavens and the earth

2c. This earth was populated by plants, animals, and possibly a pre-Adamic race

3c. When Satan fell from heaven, he landed on earth & Great judgment followed from God upon the earth

1d. In the form of a global flood

2d. The left the earth (Gen. 1:2)

1e. Without form and void

2e. Covered with water and darkness

4c. With this judged world, God started a fresh to recreate the world as recorded in the remaining verses Gen.1&2

5c. It was upon this original world that dinosaurs exotic plants, and even Nethandrial man was living and perished in judgment

2a. Evaluated

1b. Strong Points

1c. Allows for a much older earth – even millions of years if necessary

2c. Provides a solution for dinosaurs, oil deposits, etc.

2b. Weak Points

1c. Exodus 20:11, “In six literal days the Lord made (created) the heavens and the earth”

2c. The Hebrew word “and” used in this type of construction is best translated “now” and thus describes the state of the earth after creation (Zech 3:1-3, “He showed me Joshua… now Joshua was clothed in filthy garments.” Jonah 3:3)

3c. “Without form and void” means “empty and uninhabited”

4c. Normal understanding is that each series of verses constitutes a day

5c. Nothing is mentioned of Dinosaurs, judgment,

6c. Rom. 5:12 indicates death entered the world after the fall – precluding the demise of any creature to that time.


1a. Stated

1b. Beginnings

1c. Dinosaurs, being animals (“terrible lizards” or reptiles) were created at the same time all other creatures were created

1d. On the fifth day, God “created …. Every living creature that moves, which the waters brought forth abundantly… and every winged fowl. (Gen. 1:21)

2d. On the sixth day “God made the beast of the earth, cattle, and every thing that creeps upon the earth.” Gen. 1:25

2c. They habited the earth with men

1d. Gen. 2:18-20: Adam named every creature upon the fact of the earth

2d. Gen. 1:26-28: He was perfectly safe around them for he had complete dominion over them

3d. This born out in recent discovery of human tracts with dinosaur tracts in Texas

2b. Demise

1c. During the flood all dinosaurs were killed on land and air and some in the sea (Gen. 7:4)

1d. Many were encased in mud which hardened into rock to produce the many fossils found today

2d. Other were buried in the ground or frozen solid in ice

2c. The only exception were two of each kind that were placed upon the ark and survived the flood (Gen. 6:19)

3c. There remaining dinosaurs populate the earth once more but for various reasons became extinct even in the time of Job some still seemed to be in existence in chapter 40 & 41

1d. Behemoth – beast or great beast

2d. Leviathan – sea monster (Isa. 27:1; Psa 104:26)

2a. Evaluated (Some question remained)

1b. Was the Ark large enough to hold dinosaurs

1c. Size of the Ark

1d. 450’ X 75’ – the largest se going vessel the middle of the 1800’s

2d. Taking the minimum of a cubic it could hold 1,400,000 cubic ft. or 522 standard RR Box cars.

3d. All know species today would only fill 150 car

2c. Size of the Animals – infants

2b. What caused the dinosaurs to become extinct?

1c. Climatic change

1d. Temperature change

1e. The climate was much different before the flood that after

2e. The land was water from the ground, areas extremely cold harbored good vegetation and animal life

3e. The flood limited the areas where the cold blooded animals could survive

2d. Food chains and land

1e. Areas that were grass land and or wilderness became desert

2e. Much of Egypt that is desert today was grassland in the day of Moses

2c. Human Civilization

1d. Know for the extinction of animal in the past and the present (Whale)

2d. As men move in, the animals must move 

3c. Divine intervention – to protect man since he lost the dominion he had over all animals

CONCLUSION: a dinosaur is nothing more than an extinct animal, if it were to show up it is no longer a dinosaur. There uniqueness and distinction is that made by a human evolutionary system