Can Evolution and Creation Co-Exist?



Can Evolution and Creationism Co-Exist?

There are some Christians today that believe there can be a common ground found between the Genesis account of creation and the theory of Evolution. This is nothing new for the liberal theologians of the previous century sought to accomplish this through the doctrine of “Theistic Evolution” whereby the days of creation are stretch to represent millions and billions of years. What is new, and particularly troubling, is that at a time when there is an ever growing wealth of scientific evidence in support of the literal 7 days of Creation and a Young Earth, it is the Evangelicals who are now trying to strike a compromise between the Bible and Evolution. They call it “Progressive Creationism” and though the dressing is more modern, it is still the theory of “Theistic Evolution” and in direct conflict with the clear teaching of God’s Word. Some of those who hold to this progressive creationism might surprise you. The theory is the work of Dr. Hugh Ross but it has been embraced by such evangelical Christian leaders as Chuck Colson, John Ankerberg, Kenneth N. Taylor, and Dr. James Dobson to name a few. You will also find that progressive creationism is at the heart of the new Zondervan Archaeological Bible.

In response to progressive creationism, may I share many of the flaws in this theory as viewed from a Biblical framework

1) It is unnecessary. Up until 1960 there was little scientific research available to support a literal understanding of the Genesis account and with scientists claiming proof of billions of years of evolution, many Christians found themselves scrambling to try to make sense of the Bible and science. But all of this changed radically with the pioneering work of Dr. Henry Morris and Dr. John Whitcomb. They began a movement that has resulted in an explosion of information and scientific research that has supported the Biblical account and undermined the theory of evolution. There is no need to try to reconcile the two since the Bible and true science have proven evolution to be false.

2) It is impossible to fit billions of years of evolution into the first two chapters of Genesis. This is true for two reasons. First of all, the Hebrew word for “day” is “yom” and though it is normally a reference to a 24 hour period it can also be used as a longer period of time as well. Therefore it is up to the context of the word that determines its meaning. In Genesis 1 there is no question that God is referring to a 24 hour day. If one looks closely at the creating work of God, he will notice that God concludes each day with the words “so the evening and morning.” Evening and morning restricts the meaning of yom to only one possible idea, a 24 hour day. Secondly, if you look at the order of God’s creation it is radically different from the order of evolution. For example evolution has the earth created after the universe and sun and yet in the Genesis account the earth is created first and the sun, moon, and star are not created until the 4th day. Likewise plants are created on the 3rd day and yet evolution places plants after the creation of animal life. There is no possible way one can harmonize evolution with creation!

3) It contradicts a very important truth of Scripture. If we hold to evolution or progressive creationism then what we have hundreds of millions of years of animals and pre-human creatures living and dying before God created Adam and Eve. However, the Bible is clear when it says that death did not enter the earth until Adam and Eve sinned.

Rom 5:12, “Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned.”

1 Cor 15:21-22, “For since by man came death, by Man also came the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive.”

Death in all of its ugly forms was not to be a part of the creation of God. Death is the by product of sin and when Adam sinned, the consequences of death fell not only on him but on all creation and it will not be lifted until the revealing of the sons of God at the Coming of Christ (Rom. 8:18-25). Thus, God did not create animals or people to die or be killed for food for they were given vegetation for food (Gen. 1:29-31). Progressive creation teaches that dinosaurs were carnivores and had limited life spans and so death would have had to have preceded Adam and thus not be the consequence of sin. The Bible even gives us a time when the killing of animals for food began and that took place when Noah came off the Ark in Genesis 9:1-5.

4) It contradicts the testimony of Genesis 6-9 for the progressive creationists require a local flood rather than a global flood. Any one who studies this passage can not help see that the account of Genesis calls for a global event. If it was a localized event, then why would God have had Noah build an Ark when he could have had him move his family to a safe haven where the flood would not reach them. If the flood was localized, then one may draw the conclusion that Noah and his family and the occupants on the ark were not the only survivors of the flood and thus modern man is not the descendent of Noah and his sons.

5) It places the scientific theories of man on a higher authority over the literal accounts of Scripture and to do so is a very dangerous and slippery course. This is the idea that evolutionary scientists are always right therefore we must make the Bible fit what man thinks rather than making what man thinks fit the Bible. How often has the scientist been proven wrong? More than one can count but how often has God been proven wrong? Not once!

6) Finally it opens the door for the questioning of all supernatural events of the Scripture including the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. If God could not get the creation account and flood account right, how do we know whether he got the rest of the accounts right? If I am going to take sides in this debate, I will side with God every time!

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