Is Evolution Science?



Is Evolution Backed By Science?

I. Theories of Evolution

1a Introductory Remarks

1b Must Emphasis the word “theory”: Any honest scientist will acknowledge that to be true

2b There are five basic approaches to origins

2a Stated

1b Scientific Evolution (95% of Scientists)

1c Two or three billion years ago lifeless chemicals in a briny sea were acted upon by sunlight and other cosmic energy formed into a one cell creature – purely by chance

2c This cell reproduced and through natural selection and favorable conditions and mutations, developed into all the extinct and living organisms including man

2b Theistic Evolution (Liberals & Catholics)

1c In agreement with scientific evolution except on one matter

2c They see the process as having to have supernatural control and direction

3b Progressive Creationism (Some Evangelical Scientists)

1c God created the first life and major stages (vertebrates, birds, marsupials, mammals and man)

2c Extensive evolution over great geological time

4b Scientific Creationism or Creationism: All kinds of living things that have ever existed were created by God in one literal week and reproduced after there kind

5b Intelligent Design: a growing number of scientists are leaving the theory of evolution for this theory which declares there had to be an intelligent designer for origins to be possible however it stops short of who that intelligent designer is: God, space aliens, etc.


1a Scientific Evolution

1b #1: How could a living cell evolve from lifeless chemicals?

1c Louis Pasteur (1846) demonstrated that spontaneous generation is impossible

1d The smallest of cells is so complex that is impossible to happen by chance

2d Recent discoveries further support this

1e The more man explores living tissue, the more complex and interrelated it is

2e Even creating life in a test tube or the laboratory has not been successful

1f Merely taken elements of life and put them together

2f Yet they claim life started out of laboratory with out any manipulation of man.

2c Mathematicians have ruled it out as impossible by figuring the odds of it happening

3c The earths crust it to thin and to cool bo the billions of years old needed to support theory

2b #2: How could higher forms of plants and animals hare evolved from lower forms?

1c Suggestions

1d Inheritance of acquired Characteristics

1e Giraffes long necks because mother and father had to stretch their necks during draughts

2e Problem: cut tails off mice several generations and mice still had tails

2d Chance variations and natural Selection

1e Different lengths of necks in a family and nature selects the long ones

2e Problems: does nature have a mind? Often third generation resorts back to original form

3d Favorable Mutations

1e Mutations in genes are usually if not always negative: humans and fruit flies

2e Problems: hybrid corns produce more but are more prone to attacks by weeds, insects and disease and ultimately ware themselves out – looking for original genes around the world because of this

2c Hurtle: 2nd Law of Thermodynamics – things always go for complex to less complex, never the other way around without outside input

3b #3: How could men have evolved from apes?

1c In spite of the similarities there are great differences between man and ape particularly in their gene structure

2c This does not explain the mental and spiritual capacity of man lacking in apes and all other creatures

3c No transitional skulls have ever been found – those odd skulls could either be extinct species of apes or man before the fall

4c Figuring the population growth of man and given the time of evolution, there would be enough humans to fill the solar system

4b #4: How does man know things have always been uniform?

1c The Bible speaks of five world conditions: Eden, Eden to the flood, Flood to Millennium, Millennium to the Eternal State

2c Taking into account the two great judgments on the earth, the fall and the flood, it would be impossible for any man, to know what the original world was like.

2a Theistic Evolution & Progressive Creation

1b Introductory Remarks

1c These theories answer some of the problems facing evolution: How the universe came into existence how life came into existence, etc.

2c However, they still are in conflict with God’s Word on this matter

2b Stated

1c The order in which things first appeared (Gen. 2:1)

1d Order of Scripture

1e 3rd day: grasses flowering plants, fruit trees (last to evolve) – 11

2e 4th day: sun and moon – 14

3e 5th day: marine creatures and birds -20

1f Mammals (Whales) before and reptiles.

2f Birds before reptiles

2d This order is impossible for evolution

2c The manner which things first appeared

1d Things full grown

1e Tree yielded fruit (12)

2e Adam and Eve – adults (26-27)

2d Hebrews 11:3, “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God so that the things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”

3c The Limits of Variational Possibility in Living things

1d “After its kind”

2d Thus animals are limited in the variations by their unique genetic cod thus a rat cannot be a mouse etc.

3d Different size dogs, all dogs.

4c The time Required for bringing all kinds of living thing into existence

1d God did not need 6 literal days to create the world let alone millions or billions of years II. Peter 3:8 Time has no bearing no God

2d God choose literal days to help establish the life cycle of man (Es. 20:11)

3d The Bible is clear that it was sic literal 24 hours days not period of time

1e The number with word day limits it to 24hrs.

2e The evening and the morning (5,8; 13,19; 23,31)

CONCLUSION: To the thinking person there are really two options open to man


Deny God’s Word and have faith in Evolution


Accept God’s Word and have faith in Creation