Is Evolution True



Is Evolution Fact?

Evolution is a fact as everyone knows, or is it? I once had a science teacher question my ability to judge whether evolution is true based on the fact I do not have a scientific degree. However, as I responded, I may not hold a degree in science but I do hold a Masters degree in religious study and I can tell whether something is a scientific fact or a religious dogma.

Few evolutionist will not acknowledge the truth about evolution. Evolution is a hypothesis not a fact and it is based on a pre-conceived theological position that colors or shades all evidence it considers. In other words one can take the same scientific evidence and it will be interpreted to support opposite theories of origins depending on one’s theological presupposition. Take for example “Sue”, the largest tyrannosaurs rex ever discovered and on display at the museum of Natural History in Chicago. The evolutionist, because he believes there is no God which is a theological presupposition, dates the time of this dinosaur at around 40 million years. However, the creationist, who believes in the presupposition of Genesis 1:1, that there is a God and He created all things in the first week of creation sees this dinosaur living around 4-5,000 BC.

The evolutionist argues that it is that old because of the rock layer it was found in and the belief that without God it would have taken billions of years for evolution to produce such a complex creature. However, when studying the bones of this dinosaur, red blood cells and DNA were discovered, a rare occurrence for dinosaur remains. Since science has shown that red blood cells and DNA can not exist for more than a period of 10,000 years, then this dinosaur could not be any older than 10,000 years. This being the case, the existence of “Sue” actually supports the Creationist point of view not the view of evolution.

Evolution is under great attack today from “intelligent design” and Creationism. The growing scientific evidence against evolution is mounting and evolutionists know it. As a religion under attack, the evolutionist have sought to monopolize the teaching of origins and their presupposition on God in all schools and media. Their faith in evolution drives them to seek to propagate their dogma even when the science is no longer there to support it.

In the field of science and higher education, all theories are to be open to be scrutinized by opposing views and ideas but such is not the case with the theory of evolution. In secular universities it is forbidden to teach any other scientific view other than evolution and it is forbidden to question its interpretation of its evidence. In Texas, one university which seeks to award a Bachelor’s degree in science has been refused permission to do so because it teaches both the theory of creation and the theory of evolution. Where has the principle of “academic freedom” gone too? The concept of academic freedom has now been replaced with atheistic “political correctness.” This is clearly a religious commitment to an ideal rather than a search for true scientific fact.

Why does the evolutionist spend so much effort propping up a decaying theory? There is only one answer. To open themselves up to theories that include God is to accept ideas that to them are unthinkable. To believe that there is a God Who created all things is to also accept the rest of what He has recorded in His Word, the Bible. Thus there are moral absolutes that every man breaks and judgment coming from God for breaking those absolutes. This places unbelieving man in a position of needing a Savior to rescue him from the coming wrath of God. This is concept that the secular mind refuses to accept and so he continues to hold on to his atheistic theories that frees him from the guilt and consequences of sin. To do this is like putting one’s head in the sand and denying the existence of coming disaster. it provides him temporary relief but in the long run ends in one’s destruction. So it is for the evolutionist.

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