Civil Rights and Same-Sex Marriage


Civil Rights and Same-sex Marriage

The debate over same sex marriage is one of the hottest topics that has arisen in recent months.  Much of the debate unfortunately is based on personal opinions and misleading arguments.  Many who argue for same-sex marriage do not know the facts nor do they recognize the serious danger that such unions will inflict upon our nation.  Let us examine the true facts in the debate over same-sex marriage in order that we might make informed decisions.

Fact #1: Marriage is not a Civil Right.  The gay movement has used the argument of civil rights to push for same-sex marriage and many have embraced the argument without thinking it through.

Let it be known that I believe that gay citizens of this country should have equal civil rights.  The right to believe as they choose, the right to free speech, the right to employment, the right to be respected and treated as human beings, and the right to protection from violence and crime.  However, the institution of marriage has never been considered or treated as a civil right. 

Since the founding of our country, all citizens were to be granted equal civil rights but not all citizens were granted the right to marry.  For example, a man who wants to marry his sibling does not have the right to marry.  A woman who is married does not have the right to marry a second husband while she is still married to the first.    Two first cousins do not have the right to marry each other and the list could go on.

Now if we take the Gay argument that they will not have equal rights unless they can be married, then we must conclude that all who presently cannot marry are equally deprived of their civil rights.  Biological siblings cannot marry because of the danger of genetic mutations in their children.  Does this marital limitation in any way diminish their civil rights?  Of course not!  If government choses to declare marriage a civil right, then we have no alternative then to recognize marriage for all other unions presently restricted from marriage.  The truth of this is born out in those countries in Europe who have fully embraced same-sex marriage.  In these countries there is a push now to recognize marriage between adults and children, between 3 or more partners and many other sinful perversions of God’s origin design.

Gay couples already enjoy civil rights even though their unions are not recognized by government.  To recognize same-sex marriage is to make marriage a civil right and to ultimately open our country to even greater moral perversions.

Fact #2: government’s endorsement of same sex marriage is a violation of the separation of church and state.  The government is not to endorse any one group’s moral or religious beliefs over those of others.  Since the gay lifestyle cannot be proven by science or history to be something other than a moral or religious opinion or act, the Government has no Constitutional authority to recognize it through marriage.

Let us not victimize our nation by caving in to a 1% vocal minority that is not afraid to use peer pressure, deception, threats, and even at times violence in order to enforce their morality upon all American citizens.