Is Homosexuality A Sin?


Does the Bible Speak of Homosexuality as a Sin?

Is the homosexual lifestyle a normal part of human sexuality or is it a perversion? There are many who feel that homosexuality is as normal as heterosexuality and thus should be accepted openly by society. Lets examine some of the arguments given to prove that homosexuality is normal behavior and see if these arguments hold up to the facts.

1) Argument #1: homosexuality is a biological condition. About 17 years ago a medical study declared that they had found a biological difference in a part of the brain between homosexual and heterosexual men. Many in their excitement declared that they now had biological proof that homosexuality is a product of one’s genes rather than one’s choice. Since one has no control over one’s genes, therefore one sexual preference could not be described as a perversion or sin. How can one be judged as perverted when he is born that way.

It was revealed a year later that this study was invalid. The researcher who ran the study was homosexual and that had doctored the results to make it say what he wanted it to say. In other words there were no biological differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals neither has any been found since that time. Even if there had been a difference in the brain of the homosexual, this still would not have been a definitive proof for a genetic predisposition. The difference could have been the side effect of a homosexual lifestyle and rather than the cause and thus gay lifestyle would still be a perversion from the norm. To add to this conclusion is that fact many who are in the homosexual lifestyle have come out of the practice through counseling and the saving power of Jesus Christ.

2) Argument #2: homosexuality is found in the realm of nature and thus is normal. This argument is not based on scientific observation but rather it is based on the religious presupposition, that there is no God and therefore man is the product of evolution. If this be true, than since we evolved from animals, what is practiced in the animal realm should be considered normal in the human realm. After all we are just highly developed animals. In answer to this let us note this is based on a theory and not on fact. Evolution has never been proven nor will it ever be. Secondly, this theory falls a part when we take it to its logical conclusion. If we can use animal behavior to justify human behavior, then we must conclude that eating one’s mate or young, killing one’s own species, males fighting over who mates with the females, and so on should be considered a normal part of human behavior. Thus we need to free the murderer, the cannibal, the child molester, the polygamist, and the rapist for their deviant behavior is found practiced in the animal kingdom and it is therefore no longer deviant. How foolish to think that men can justify their behavior based on the behavior of animals! This goes to prove that man is not an animal but he is created in the image of God and exist on a level higher than the animals.

3) Argument #3: homosexuality does not harm anyone. It is argued that most homosexuals are committed for life to one partner as in the case of heterosexuals and thus lead a normal lifestyles that hurts no one. The statistics tell otherwise. 

First of all, the idea of a life long commitment between two homosexuals is the exception to the rule not the norm. Statistics show that 50% of all homosexuals have had over 500 partners and those who have contracted aids, 1,100. In one study researchers discovered that 73% of adult homosexual males had had sex with boys age 19 and younger. It is believed that much of the push to legalize pedophilia is coming from the homosexual community. 

In a recent study, heterosexual men who lived to be 65 or older was 75.8% and for women, 79.85% However less than 2% of homosexual men survived to be 65 or older and only 29% of lesbians made it to the 65 year mark. Aids has played a big role in these statistics since it was the homosexual community that introduced aids to America and resisted safer sexual practices, often hiding their illness from unsuspecting partners. But even more harmful, is the devastating impact this practice has had on the traditional home and the moral values that are so important to a structure and stable society.

4) Argument #4: homosexuality is not condemned in the Bible. The so called “Christian” homosexual will argue that God never condemned the practice of homosexuality. The judgment that fell on Sodom and Gomorrah was not due to homosexuality but rather to the indulgence of all types of sins. The fact that homosexuality is seen practiced in these cities is not what God hated, but rather it was the fact that these men wanted to rape other men. This is what God hated. They also argue that the Law Moses does not speaks out against homosexuality, but rather the perverse use of homosexuality just as it speaks against the perversions of heterosexuality such as in the case of adultery. They will also argue that in the New Testament our Lord never denounced homosexuality and likewise there are no passages in the New Testament epistles that address homosexuality as a sin. 

The truth is that the Bible does condemn homosexuality in all of its forms. In Genesis 1 and 2, God created people male and female and established the only proper relationship, that being one man and one woman for a life time. The Law of Moses says all homosexual practice is an “abomination” before the Lord and God requires that they be put to death for their sin (Lev. 18:22; 20:13) Likewise the matter of cross dressing which is so common in the homosexual community is condemned as well (Deut. 22:5). 

In the New Testament, Christ reinstates that God created men and women to be heterosexual and to enter into union with only one partner for a life time (Matt. 19:4-6). God’s condemnation of homosexuality becomes even stronger when we get into the New Testament Epistles. In Rom. 1:26-27, God says that men and women have turned to practice the homosexuality lifestyle because they have turned their backs on God. Likewise God indicates that those who practice homosexuality shall not inherit eternal life but rather suffer for an eternity in the everlasting lake of fire (1 Cor. 6:9; 1 Tim. 1:9-10). There is no way one can interpret or understand the teaching of the Bible on this subject and be true to the author’s intent.

With all of this said, keep in mind that homosexuality is not the only thing that God finds an abomination. Right along with the gay lifestyle is adultery, theft, coveting, extortion, drunkenness, lying, gossip and the list could on. The one who is homosexual has the same need that all men have. His need is for Jesus Christ to be his Savior. Christ can take away all of our sins and give to us His righteousness if we will but repent of our sins and put our trust in Him to give us everlasting life. Many a homosexual has done this and has found freedom from his sin in Christ. If you know of someone who is gay, do not spend your time arguing with him or condemning him but rather do as Christ would have done, show him the love of Christ and address his greatest need, his eternal salvation. If Christ becomes his Savior, he will become a new creature in Christ Jesus.