Is Religion Outdated?


Is Religion Outdated?

This is the question put forth by many in our world today. Does religion any longer make a legitimate contribution in a modern society that is based on scientific knowledge and humanistic wisdom? Does not religion cause more harm then it does to benefit society? A case in point is the terrorism our world faces daily which is fueled by religions that call for the destruction of unbelievers. Would we not be better off with out it? Is it not just a crutch that weak minded people cling too from an earlier and unenlightened age?

Before you think that few in our nation hold to such a view let it be noted that this view is commonly taught in most of our secular government funded universities as well as in many of our public school systems. Having pastored on the East Coast for 15 years, I can personally testify to the growth of such ideas in the minds of the average man. If we, who live in Washington, were living on the East Coast there would be no cross or nativity in our city parks for the holidays. Such a concept would be considered unthinkable!

As one writer has put it, “that which held society together in the past seems ... inappropriate to a nuclear age." This writer was focused not on Islam or Hinduism, but on Christianity. This writer believes the religion of Christianity to be the greatest factor in the continuing turmoil of our world. He supports his premise with recent violence committed in our own nation in the “cause of Christ.”

However, upon closer examination such thinking is faulty for the following reasons.

1) First of all, their have always been violent individuals who have looked for causes in which to justify the unleashing of their destructive acts on mankind. In recent days, Christianity has been used as justification to commit murder and to violate the laws of Society. However, this does not mean that Christianity is at fault. These individuals were walking time bombs looking for the right cause and opportunity to explode violently on society. If they had not used religion as a cause, you can be sure they would have found a secular cause to unleash their anger as in the case of the recent murder of a teenager by a teenager. She “wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone.”

2) Secondly, if we base the value of an institution's existence in our society solely on the problems it has created over the years, than many of the other institutions we deem essential must fall by the wayside as well. For example, take the institution of Science. Think of all the turmoil, pain, and bloodshed that science has brought upon our world. Science is responsible for nuclear bombs, poisonous gas, pollution, extinction of wildlife, cancer, birth defects, to name just a few. Thankfully, we weigh all the benefits of an institution before abandoning it, and the same must be done for religion, and particularly Christianity.

3) Thirdly, this is really not an attack on religion as a whole but rather on true Christianity. The type of Christianity that this nation was founded upon and is so mocked by the humanistic and scientific community. It is the rapid transition of our society away from this traditional form of Christianity and its moral absolutes toward a secular humanism that is the greatest contributing factor to the problems our nation and world is facing today. If our nation were to return to its spiritual roots there would be an immediate reduction in broken homes, divorce, child abuse, rape, theft, murder, violence, venereal diseases, and the list could go on and on. Sure, we are more technologically advanced than any generation that has come before us, but morally we are the same humanity that we have always been. Technology can never hope to replace or undo the moral absolutes that God has created for mankind to follow nor the eternal consequences for violating them.

The problems we are facing today are not due too to much Christianity, but rather too little. Too many in our churches today are watering down Christianity with liberal secular humanism which robs Christianity of the power of God to change hearts and maintain order in society. Our society is replacing its spiritual roots for a false evolutionary technology that is ever spinning our country toward anarchy and ultimately the eternal destruction of countless of lives.