Why Is Voting Pro-Life So Important?


Before the last Presidential election, I had a niece ask me, “Why is it so important that we vote for pro-life candidates?  After all it is just one of many political issues that must be taken into consideration.   Are there not some issues far more important for the voter to consider than whether the candidate is pro-life?”   I was at first stunned by this statement then grieved.  Have we done such a poor job of educating people about the true importance of the sanctity of life that the average voter does not see the significance of a pro-life vote?   A pro-life vote impacts far more than the abortion industry.

  1. Pro-life vote is a Divine issue.   The sanctity of life is rooted in the fact that every human being is conceived in the image of God.  This being the case, God considers it far more important than the present economy or the future of Medicare.  The taking of human life whether through abortion or the act of murder and euthanasia is a direct attack on God Himself (Gen. 9:5-6).  How can we expect God to bless our nation when every time we take another innocent life, we spit in the face of God? 
  2. Pro-life is a Moral issue.   The sanctity of life is rooted in the existence of the Judeo-Christian God and the moral absolutes which He represents.  To be pro-life is to accept this very fact.  To be pro-choice is to deny it.  One’s acceptance or rejection of this truth will greatly impact one’s character, decisions, and actions.
  3. The pro-choice individual has accepted the atheistic/evolutionary idea that we are the product of nature not of God. With this being the case, there are no moral absolutes to govern their lives and therefore all is relative depending on one’s preference and circumstances. Since, in their mind, man is the product of nature, he is just an animal of a higher order and nothing more. Without God and a moral standard, the pro-choice view colors a candidates views and decisions on a number of important matters. Let me give you just a few examples of what direction a Pro-choice candidate is likely to vote.

    a. Vote for laws that restrict the exercise of religious freedom

    b. Vote for laws that restrict one’s right to medical care due to disabilities and age

    c. Vote for laws that grant untold money for useless research such as the search for extraterrestrial life

    d. Vote for laws that that give moral depravity legal status as in the case of gay marriage

    e. Vote for laws that promote moral depravity through diversity training in our schools and work places

    f. Vote for laws that allow our children to be exposed to vulgar, violent, and anti-Christian entertainment in the guise of freedom of speech

    g. Vote for laws that demean humanity by making them ever more dependent on government

    h. Vote for laws that mandate sex education which encourages teen sexual activity

    i. Vote for laws that will legalize drugs such Marijuana

    j. Vote for laws that allow for gambling and prostitution.

  4. Pro-life is a Liberty Issue.  There is a reason our motto is “One Nation under God.”  The very fabric that has made this country a land of opportunity and freedom rests in the idea that God is our Creator and we are created in our His image.  This is one of the basic principles stated in our Declaration of Independence.  Our founding fathers wrote that all men are created equal and endowed with inalienable rights by their Creator.  It is this fact that gives all humanity dignity and respect regardless of race, creed, gender, ability, and social status.  This truth is foundational to our society’s health.  As our country has begun to abandon the sanctity of life we have witnessed a growing disrespect for human life and the rights of others.

Voting Pro-life is much more than voting against abortion.  Voting Pro-life is a vote for the dignity of human life and the continued health, freedom, and prosperity of our growing nation.