Salvation - Justification




I Justification Defined

1a “To regard, reckon, or treat someone as if they are guiltless or innocent”

1b This does not imply anything about the true guilt of innocence of the individual (see use of God in Lk. 7:29 and Christ in 1 Tim. 3:16 and the innocent part in Deut. 25:1)

2b Does not imply that the individual has been made guiltless

2a Thus justification focuses on how the individual presently stands and should be treated not on

3a Therefore when God justified us at salvation – like a Presidential Pardon

1b He declares us right with the Law of the land

1c He does not declare us innocent for that would not be true

2c He does declare: No judgment any longer against us (Rom. 8:33-34)

2b He declares we are to be treated as one who is right with the Law: as one who has never broken the Law

1c Nothing therefore stands between us our fellowship with God – some really struggle with this because they find it hard to let go of past sin

2c The punishment for our crimes will never ever be applied: “wrath of God” (Rom. 1:18; 5:9; Eph. 2:3; 5:5-7; 1 Thes. 5:9)

II Justification Discussed

1a The Administrator of justification

1b His identity

1c God is the only One with the Authority to justify (Rom. 3:26, 30; 4:5; 8:33; Gal. 3:8)

1d God is the One who established, keeps, and enforces the law

2d Those who find themselves in violation of that law have no authority to call themselves justified (Job 9:2)

1e Like a criminal on trial deciding his innocence and his penalty

2e However no matter how much he may dislike the law and the judge over him he still must abide by the decision of the Judge!

2c Yet too often man believes he can justify himself

1d His character Psa. 143:2: 130:3)

1e Intrinsically he is a good person – just one who has been misguided or wrongly influenced

2e However this does not undo the crime for which he is judged

2d His obedience (Gal. 2:16; 5:4)

1e That by his efforts to keep the law he can hold punishment at bay

2e As long as there is at least one law uncovered, there will be punishment and so man is incapable of earning his salvation (Rom. 3:20; Gal. 3:11-12)

3d His religiousness

1e They seek to atone for their criminal activity

2e They will prove through service to others they should be justified – how do you atone or pay back for the most serious of sin (example of Murder or Adultery)?

4d His insanity: he was born that way or was raised that way or did not know any better

5d His attractiveness

1e We are so lovable that God would never damn us to hell

2e Let us remember that God is a just Judge – for Him to allow a criminal to go free without a punishment for the crime would be wrong!!

2b His requirements: only if the individual meets certain standards will God justify him

1c Faith (Rom. 3:28-30; 5:1; Gal. 2:16; 3:8, 24; 4:5)

2c Redemptive Work of Christ (Rom. 5:9; 3:24-25; 1 Cor. 6:11)

3c Accepted as a free gift of God (Rom. 3:24; 5:16-18)

4c Demonstrated in our live (Js. 2:21-25)

2a The work of Justification (Rom. 5:18; 8:30; Titus 3:7): work of God all the way!

1b Predestinated

2b Called

3b Redeemed

4b Glorified