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Salem Sunbeam
Salem, NJ

Topic: Separation of Church & State

June 27, 2002

To the Editor

I was deeply disturbed by the news that the pledge of allegiance has been ruled unconstitutional. It is to me, not only a declaration of the current moral decline of our nation, but also is an indication that the days of true religious freedom are in the past. True religious freedom cannot exist when the following things happen.

First of all, freedom suffers when one religion is given precedence over all other religions by the government. Our government has chosen atheism as the supreme religion. Some might argue that atheism is not a religion but the facts speak otherwise. Atheism is the belief that there is no God, no moral absolutes, no sin, no hell and no heaven. However, the atheist cannot prove his position and thus he must accept it by faith. His beliefs based on faith are in a very real sense religion.

Now our society and government has made the mistake of thinking that because the atheist does not believe in God his position is religiously neutral. It is not! It is for this reason the government has removed from our schools, public, and government buildings the thought or concept of God. They argue that to do so is to keep the separation of church and state but in reality they are not separating from religion, they are suppressing religion. This is something that the fathers of this nation never intended!

Secondly, freedom suffers when the people of a free nation seek to be freed from anything they find objectionable. The very concept of being free to speak one’s convictions includes also the idea that some who listen may not agree or find objectionable. As an American citizen, I come across many things I do not agree with and even object too, but I continue to support their right to openly express them as long they do not jeopardize the welfare of others. By silencing everything that is found objectionable we are pushing our society toward the same type of government oppression that is found in countries like China. The atheist who hears the pledge of allegiance in the school system is not going to be injured or swayed to become religious any more than the Christian who is taught evolution is going to give up his view of Creation. Are we so weak minded that we cannot put up with hearing the views of others?

Thirdly, freedom suffers when the people of a free nation reject their historical foundations. Whether the atheist likes it or not, the very basis of this nation’s law and constitution is found in the Judeo-Christian teachings. Men committed to these ideas designed a government that would not suppress religious or personal freedom. History bares record that they did not feel there was any conflict of church and state to have religion mentioned in government or the public schools. To find the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional is in essence to deny our historical heritage.

It is time that we as a nation take a stand for our religious and personal freedoms before it is too late. No longer should atheism be allowed supreme status in our government institutions and public schools. We should not reject our historical roots that created this nation and made it strong but rather return to them.


Rev. Louis H. Showers


Meaning of Separation