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Anti-Spanking Propaganda


In May of 2009, the following document was given to a couple who had their child removed from their home on the allegation of physical abuse.  It was given to the couple to read, answer the questions and sign it indicating they were in agreement.  This couple were earlier forced by DCS to sign a statement that they would no longer spank their children.  Since this time DCS in Daviess County has stated that this document does not represent DCS policies in Indiana. This does not change the fact that a case worker working on their behalf made it a part of their requirements of the parents.

I have included this document because it has been my opservation and experience that the state policies of the Department of Child Services is not always followed on the county level. As Christian parents who have the conviction that spanking is a valuable and Biblical tool in raising our children, we are in an ongoing battle against the liberal secular views of the world that surrounds us.

The document or should I say copy has no documentation as to where it was derived from.  To see an evaluation of this document please check out the evaluation page under this heading.


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