The Humor Of God



God Has A Sense Of Humor

It all started around 1986 in the state of Iowa where I was pastoring my first church. It was a country church and I mean that literally. The closest town was a good 15 minutes away and so the church and parsonage were surrounded by corn fields. Whenever you have cornfields and country you can expect that you will also encounter mice in the church and ours was no exception. As soon as the weather started turning cold out went the mouse traps. It was my duty as the pastor to bait, catch, and dispose of as many of those critters that I could.

One Sunday morning, in the middle of my message, I sensed something was wrong. The reaction of the people was not the norm and so as all pastors do, I started to wonder what I had done to make the people smirk. Did I say something wrong, was my zipper down, what was it that had everyone grinning? Then suddenly I discovered what was happening. As I had been preaching a mouse had come out and was walking back forth behind me on the platform. Some of the Saints were wondering if I was going to step on it by accident while others wondered how long it would be before I realized it was there. The moment I saw the mouse was when he decided to join the congregation. He jumped off the platform and started running under the pews. I could tell where he was because I would see the knees going up one pew after another.

A farmer who was late in doing his chores did not have time to change before church so he came in with his boots on. He was sitting in back corner of the auditorium and that is exactly where the mouse was heading. The farmer immediately jumped up and started to stomp as hard as he could on the mouse. He got it and the people were laughing so hard that the sermon was much shorter that Sunday. Even I do not remember what I preached that Sunday but I sure remember the mouse.

They say that lightning does not strike twice but any expert will tell you it can and does. So it is with mice and church services. This past Sunday morning, just before our morning service a mouse was seen heading into our church auditorium. Several saw him and so I went and got one of our mouse traps and set it up next to the organist. I could tell she was "thrilled" by this development. When announcements came I shared with the people that a mouse had come to visit and if they hear a snap, it means we caught a mouse. I also related the story of my experience in Iowa. About 3/4 through the message I suddenly saw the mouse come up to the base of the platform. It startled me for a second but I was determined to carry on. However the mouse had other plans as he suddenly started going under the pews. Sitting a few pews from the back was one of my deacons who usually wears very large cowboy boots. The mouse made the mistake of coming his way and you guessed it, a large thud was heard throughout the whole congregation. We all had a great laugh and continued on with the message.

Too often our view of God is of Someone who is stern and serious all the time. However, since we have the ability to laugh and we get that ability from God, God too much enjoy a good laugh from time to time. I doubt many in a few weeks will remember what I preached on that Sunday, but I am sure they will have no problems remembering the mouse who visited our church. If you would like to hear the clip click on the following icon.