Our Carpet Miracle


Our Carpet Miracle

After the everyday wear of almost 30 years of students and teachers, our education wing was in desperate need of a new carpet. As in the case of the roof, we did not have the funds to replace the carpet in a building 50' X 100'. The only alternative we had was to turn to God in prayer and ask Him to provide what we needed. God answered that request but not the way we expected!

Phase One of the Miracle

God Removes The Old Carpet

The week of Christmas 2008 was unusually cold for this part of the country with day time temperatures well under 20 degrees. A section of the water pipes that ran over the ceiling in the boys restroom had become uncovered and it was only a matter of time before the pipe froze. Dec. 25, 2008 one of our members returned to the building to get something she had left and found water throughout most of the educational wing. It was a mess as the following pictures show.



There was no alternative, we had to remove all the carpeting. To our surprise there was little other damage from the water.

Phase Two of the Miracle

God Replaces The Old Carpet

The insurance company working with the clean up company paid not only for the the clean up, but with some additional assistance on the part of the members of the church all the carpet in the educational wing was replaced including two rooms untouched by the water. To add icying on the cake, the carpet that was installed was a much better grade than the previous carpet. God had provided for our need.